Will It All Fit? Yes, Peel and Reveal Labels Make It Possible

The Need For Labels Extended Content

Peel and reveal labels are labels that consist of multiple, peelable layers that offer marketer the possibility to offer their customer a much wider range of information related to the product, to the company, the brand and promotions in a way that saves space on the product packaging. The solution is especially useful for labelling small products or products that need to display lots of information and it is a great option for any marketer who wants to maintain the packaging design with as little disruption as possible.

These special labels can consist of two, three or more layers (most label manufacturers can print labels consisting of up to five pages), each layer containing a specific set of information. Here are some examples of information that you can provide your customers:

  • Product information – the description of the product, the list of ingredients and nutrition facts are usually displayed on the first page;
  • Company information – contact details and information required by the law are usually placed on the first or the second page;
  • Information related to any promotions – these special extended content labels can be used for informing customers about coupon codes, about the details related to contests and other promotional offers.