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Primeflex is the problem-solving team to turn to when you have a unique product label challenge or require high-quality printing on flexible packaging and wrappers.

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We have decades of experience and know how to solve your custom label, flexible packaging, and wrapper needs. Let our experts help solve your product problems.

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Innovative and earth-friendly techniques to create distinctive looks and personalized labels that make your product stand out.

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Quick turnaround and groundbreaking supply chain business solutions. Call us or request a quote to start your premium personalized packaging and labels project in any shape or size today!

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Problem Solvers Near You - Custom Label Printer in Denver, CO

We are problem solvers. We listen, communicate, and collaborate with you to find the optimal solution for your printing and packaging challenges. For over 20 years, Primeflex has been innovating unique custom labels and flexible packaging in Denver, Colorado. We make our client’s products stand out on the shelf -- so they don’t stay there long.

Expert Custom Labeling, Flexible Packaging, and Printing in Denver, Colorado

Specialized Flexible Pouch, Extended Content & Peel Back Labels

Our unique solutions and quality products help you package and label smarter. For example, our popular peel and reveal labels have solved the problem of product labels that require a lot of annoying regulatory text, giving you more space for branding.

Our flexible pouch options are ideal for single-serving or sample-sized products, powder packets, food pouches, and more. From shrink sleeves to stickers, let the problem solvers of Primeflex handle your next labeling or packaging for a quick turnaround, the best customer service, and a partner that will help your product stand out. Get the labeling, artwork, and packaging your products and customers deserve. Call our team in Denver, CO, today and request a quote.

Custom Labels & Digital Printing

Our labels and packaging combine art and science to give your brand the extra boost it needs in front of the consumer's eye. We label products of all shapes, sizes, and materials with cold-proof, heat-proof, waterproof, and life-proof labels.

We print product labels with various finishes like gloss and matte for any shape or size. We print and deliver labels in either sheet or custom roll labels. We have the perfect label solution for your product, from boxes to wine labels. Our state-of-the-art, earth-friendly techniques give your product a clean, quality finish that reduces your material environmental footprint. We partner with you to find the most cost-effective solution, allowing you to think outside the box about your package design by adding seasonal packaging, multiple versions, or promotions to your product.