Multiple ply labels to extend your text and graphics area for smaller containers.

Peel & Reveal Labels

Peel Back Labels

A common problem that our clients face is the need for more space to include important information, such as:

  • government-mandated information
  • multiple languages on your packaging
  • instructions, dosage guides, or beneficial information
  • product details or warnings
peel back labels digital printing extra product information

When there isn’t enough room on the package or container, our packaging peel-and-reveal labels provide the solution!

Peel Back Labels

Don’t let the fine print be a distraction to your brand. We have prototype and sample options available. Call us to get started on your custom labeling printing project.

The good folks at Primeflex can help you make your extended content label as unique as your brand. We pride ourselves in our knowledge and technology to achieve an outstanding product for you and your customers.

Our peel and reveal labels can be customized to fit your and your customers’ needs.

  • We have a wide selection of stocks and finishes that can be durable enough to be waterproof and oil-proof but also attractive and eye-catching.
  • Our peel and reveal and piggyback labels can be printed in a vast array of unique shapes.
  • We can color match, and our digital and flexographic printing supports high-quality graphics, so your brand always looks professional and consistent.
  • Both digital and traditional printing methods are available for peel back labels.

Our team of experts is available to help find your company the best solution for your labeling needs. Call us or fill out a form for a free consultation!

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What are peel and reveal labels, and how do they work?

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Peel and reveal labels also include label types like “nested piggyback labels” or “hinge labels,” these are two-layer labels that allow for extended content to be included on products without overloading the look of your product with content.

Extended content labels (aka peel and reveal) have multiple pages that are lightly adhered together so that consumers can peel them and reveal the additional content. At Primeflex, we can create peel-reseal labels, so your product can always look tidy and attractive to the consumer. Reseal labels peel to reveal important information for convenience. Resealable labels are a great way to avoid sacrificing quality when looking at budget-friendly labels.

What types of industries utilize peel and reveal labels?

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Peel and reveal labels are often used on all sorts of consumer products like pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and even food and beverage products. Any business or industry can use them on any product where additional required printing space is needed for more text. Hinge labels are a perfect solution if you need to include instructions, warnings, helpful information, or multiple languages. We have created extended content labels for industries like pharmaceutical, cannabis, beauty, food, and beverage, but many would benefit from hinge labels.

What are the benefits of peel-back labels?

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A peel-back label or extended content labels provide a great way to save space on your packaging, and they can also be very eye-catching.

Peel and reveal labels can even be a cost saver to businesses since the multi-paged booklets save on packaging costs or additional materials.

If you’re looking for a way to create more space, we recommend hinge labels/extended content labels to make your product look cluttered.

Adding bulky outer packaging can give your product a bad look. If you aren’t sure which type is best for your product, give us a call today! Our label experts can show you how different label materials, inks, shapes, and other production options can enhance your product, leading to more visibility, better functionality, and increased sales.