Multiple ply labels to extend your text and graphics area for smaller containers.

Peel & Reveal Labels

Peel Back Labels

When there isn’t enough room on smaller containers for government-mandated information or if you have the need for multiple languages on your packaging, our peel and reveal labels provide the solution. The top ply can be peeled back by the consumer to expose additional information. Don’t let the fine print be a distraction to your brand. Our team of experts is available to help find your company the best solution for your label and packaging needs.

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What are peel and reveal labels, and how do they work?

Sometimes called nested piggyback labels, these are two-layer sticker labels with one label sitting on top of the other. The top layer can be peeled back to reveal the bottom label, which usually contains additional information such as care instructions, product details, or warnings.

Piggyback labels are often used on clothing tags or medicine bottles, but they can be used on any product where extra space is needed for text or multiple languages.

A peel back label or piggyback labels are a great way to save space on your packaging, and they’re also very eye-catching. The top label and base label can be the same size to save space.

If you’re looking for a way to create more space, use hinge labels, or add extended content labels without making them too cluttered, a peel-off layer with flush cut labels (same size labels) is a great solution to add extra printed information to the two labels.

Whether a piggyback label or some other type of custom labels are best for your brand, Primeflex is your one-stop-shop for all labels and accessories.

If you aren’t sure which type is best for your product, give us a call today! Our label experts can show you how different label materials, inks, pictures, and other styling options can best enhance your product, leading to more visibility, better functionality, and increased sales.