Foils and films expertly printed for conversion into pouches, wrappers and packets.

Flexible Films & Packettes

packettespackettesFlexible pouches are ideal for single serving or sample sized products, sachet pouch printing, sample packet printing, powder packets, food pouches and more. Primeflex can deliver these high-quality packets in lower volumes than most suppliers making this the ideal solution for new products or expanding existing product lines. We offer films in both digital and flexo production methods.

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Custom Printed Sample Pack or Flex Pack

Flexible pouches are an excellent choice for food products, powders, and other items that need to be protected from the elements. They offer a variety of benefits over traditional packaging options, including:

– Increased shelf life: Flexible pouches can help extend the shelf life of your product by protecting it from oxygen and moisture.

– Flexibility: Pouches can be made in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit your product perfectly.

– Reduced weight and cost: Pouches are lighter and more cost-effective than traditional packaging options.

– Enhanced product safety: Pouches can help keep your product safe from contaminants.

– Increased sustainability: Pouches are recyclable and often made from sustainable materials.

If you’re looking for a safe, cost-effective, and sustainable packaging solution for your product, consider flexible pouches. Primeflex can help you find the perfect pouch for your needs. Contact us today to learn more.

Offer sample pack sizes for your new products. Showcase your company’s artwork on the labels! These sachets will look fantastic in your store.

Take advantage of flexibility- do you want lay flat pouches or sachet pouches? Stand up pouches or stick packs? Prep your products for maximum shelf life, no matter the bag size. Our samples can include custom labels, a tear notch, or your custom print for a sample pack, sachet pouches, bags, or single use packets. All the options can be customized with printed artwork or project whatever you want to create. We can customize your order and find a great price for you! Sell products to clients and customers with your designs and easy to match labels.

Why Choose Primeflex?

We listen, communicate and collaborate.

When you have a unique product label problem or want high-quality printing on flexible packaging and wraps, Primeflex is the business to call. New businesses and firms with new products frequently collaborate with Primeflex to ensure that product design is done correctly the first time, avoiding expensive custom redesigns.

We’re here to help you with whatever problem your supply chain needs. We want you to receive the best printed label or versatile packaging solution possible, and we’ll work with you to develop a solution that works. We’ve got you covered!

Custom Printed Product Labels

Labeling materials for every shape, size, and material need labels that are attractive and long-lasting. We provide labeling solutions for nearly any container that are tailored to your manufacturing process and endure in all conditions to save your products—hot, moist, or cold.

Custom Printed and Flexible Packaging in Denver

Flexible pouches are ideal for single-serving or sample-sized items, powdered packets, food pouches, and other such applications. Primeflex is able to supply these high-quality packets in lower quantities than most suppliers, making it the perfect solution for specialized niche products. Fill the containers with your products and have confidence that the products will last!