When Can Extended Labels Help Your Business?

Finding innovative solutions to convey information efficiently while maintaining aesthetics can be challenging in the world of product packaging and labeling. Extended labels, also known as booklet labels or multi-layer labels, offer a versatile solution that can benefit your business in several ways. Many industries have stringent requirements for including extensive information on product labels. Read More

Is Sample Packet Printing Necessary for CBD Labels?

Sample packet printing can be beneficial for a CBD product label, especially if you are marketing and selling CBD products in small, single-use sample sizes. There are some really good reasons why sample packet printing can be necessary for CBD labels. First and foremost, CBD products are subject to various regulations and labeling requirements, depending Read More

What Are Digital Peel Back Labels Mostly Used for?

Digital peel back labels are used for product authentication and anti-counterfeiting purposes. In other words, such labels are designed to provide a feature that can be easily verified by consumers or authorities. The labels typically include multiple layers, with a top layer that can be peeled back to reveal hidden information or features. Companies use Read More