Why Coupon Printing Is Still Effective

Digital Printing Company

Digital coupons are great, modern promotional solutions that are very efficient and gentle on the environment, but the nicely designed digital printing Denver area coupons seem to be here to stay – according to some recent surveys, around half of the respondents still prefer printed coupons available for cutting in the local newspaper or received via regular mail. Here are some of the benefits that only paper-based coupons can offer:

  • Not everyone is on the internet or uses smart devices – we tend to think that everyone today is using tablets and smartphones connected to the internet, but many people still prefer printed coupons to coupon codes and QR codes. Combining digital coupon promotions with printed coupons is the best way to have the best of both worlds;
  • Traceability – with printed coupons, assessing the effectivity of your promotions and campaigns is easier;
  • Convenience – redeeming printed coupons is considered by many people to be easier than using their smart devices for the purpose;
  • Coupons generate loyalty – according to another study, customers are more likely to stick with a brand from which they received a coupon for a discount in the past than they are with other brands, so your small, dotted-line coupons are great for strengthening customer loyalty as well.