What Is It That Makes Labels Truly Attractive to the Consumer?

attractive peel and reveal ingredients

When it comes to creating product labels, you might already have a lot of ideas regarding the photos or graphics that will be included on your labels. While your brand and logo might be easy to feature, creating a label with the proper graphics and layout can be a difficult task – however, it’s also the most important task that will make your labels attractive to consumers.


When your product sits in a shop, you need to make sure that customers are able to see it and notice it. The best approach to that is to put yourself in the customer’s shoes. What do they see when they look at your label? Are they more inclined to make an impulsive decision to buy the product, or would they just walk past the isle and search for something else?  Are more details required using peel and reveal labels to get their attention?


These are essential questions that you have to ask yourself while designing the label. High contrast layouts, bright and noticeable color palettes and unique and likable characters that will catch the eye of your potential buyers are usually the graphic elements that work best to make product labels more attractive. Depending on what your product has to do with, of course, you might need to adjust your graphical content to fit in with the views and mindset of the age group and the segment of the population that you’re trying to sell to.