What Is Digital Printing?

Digital Printing Peel And Reveal LabelsDigital printing is the term used for printing methods that transfer data directly from a computer to the final printing media, without the intermediary step of transferring data to plates first. The technology comes with lots of benefits compared to traditional methods, such as flexography or lithography – here are some:

  • Suitability for small-run jobs – more traditional printing techniques create a lot of waste during the process of setting the printing machines to deliver prints of the right quality. The digital printing process does not create any such waste, therefore it is suitable for printing small quantities of printer materials including peel and reveal labels used often;
  • Shorter turnovers – the elimination of the need to create plates reduces the time needed for completing a printing project;
  • Reduced costs – cost per page is higher in the case of digital printing, but the higher cost is offset by the elimination of the need to use plates. Printing plates are expensive and a plate can be used only for a limited number of jobs, after which it needs to be disposed of. Digital printing needs only the digital material and the printing media, which makes it cheaper;
  • Suitability for a variety of media – digital printing can be used for labels made from various materials, for plastic and paper packaging materials and for other materials as well.