What Are the Main Things You Need to Consider When Designing a New Product Labeling?

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When you want to design a product label, you might think that you already have everything in your previous label. You have the information and the branding that you want to add, and you might even reuse some of the old artwork and graphics. However, if your old label didn’t work as planned, you might want to consider what the most crucial elements are that you have to add when designing a new label:


  1. Make sure you have a well-ordered layout. This is an important factor to consider, since even with catchy graphics, people will be confused when looking for some basic information on your product and finding it written in a small font, added in a disorganized way or included in a color palette that just doesn’t work.
  2. Get an artist to add high quality graphics and unique photographs associated with your brand and product. This will go a long way toward promoting your product and making your label stand out.
  3. Use a 2D barcode, a hologram, textured elements or all of the above to ensure the security of your product through the use of your product label. These unique elements created by https://primeflex.com/ will help you make sure that your label stands out and that it would be very hard for anyone to try to imitate it.