Weighing the Pros and Cons of Beer Canning

Beer cans are hugely popular among consumers. You see them on every store shelf, at parties and open air music festivals. But there are also a few downsides to choosing beer canning for your product.


Let us look at the main pros and cons:


  1. Pro: Been Cans Are Convenient for Consumers

People can enjoy a can of beer anywhere. They simply lift the tab and the beer can is open, no need of a special bottle opener. Also the shape of the beer can allows it to fit in any adult’s hand, man or woman.


  1. Con: Canning Equipment is Expensive

Investing in beer canning equipment can be quite expensive. Do not forget that you also have to print your label directly onto the can. Thus, you must calculate the opportunity of the investment carefully.


  1. Pro: Beer Cans Keep the Taste Fresh

Several beer experts state that cans seal the beer inside better than bottles. This means that there is no CO2 leaking out, and the taste remains the same over the entire shelf life of the product.  Considerations for label production is also something to think about, and to reach the full potential should be discussed with a company like Primeflex Labels Inc to get you started on the right foot.


  1. Con: Craft Beer Lovers Are Wary of Cans

For connoisseurs who enjoy specialty beers, canning equals mass production. And they don’t like it. Thus, if you are a craft beer producer, you should conduct a market research to find out how your customers would respond to beer cans.