Most Popular Fonts Used in Product Packaging


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Packaging sells products – it is an undisputed fact. People make a lot of impulse purchases because they find a specific packaging attractive. In this context, choosing the right digital printing Colorado company and having them help you choose the right font for the packaging of your products is crucial.


Here are some of the most popular fonts for product packaging:


  1. Sans Serif Fonts

Sans serif fonts do not have the tiny line at the end of letters such as ‘l”, “t” or “p”. They may be popular for books, but in terms of packaging design, sans serif fonts make more sense. They have a simple and clean design, allowing sufficient whitespace (called kerning) between the letters in the word.


  1. Scalable Fonts

A great product packaging font is easy to read in various sizes, from the large name of the product to the smaller text detailing the ingredients. It is very important to test a font using a full range of sizes before you choose it for the packaging of your products.


  1. Cursive Fonts

Cursive fonts imitate handwriting. They add a touch of elegance to your packaging, but you must make sure that they are not too fancy to prevent readability. At the same time, cursive fonts are recommended for select products, such as cosmetics, personal care, and luxury products.