Making Your Business Stand Out with Embossed Labels

Special Designed Labels

Embossed labels are among the trendiest packaging solutions used today. The process of embossing involves the employment of various techniques to alter the surface of the label, the most common methods being the attachment of film to certain parts of the design elements, the usage of special paint on the label to create a 3D effect or the usage of special presses to create an uneven label surface.

Embossed labels are popular among brand owners for various reasons – here are some:

  • Added elegance – embossing adds a certain type of visual appeal that no other label making technology can achieve, creating a luxurious perception of the product that the label is applied on;
  • Enhanced communication – the embossed elements featured on labels are the first components noticed by customers, therefore embossing is among the most efficient ways to communicate product-related information, brand-related information or promotional information to the customers;
  • Involving multiple senses – embossing involves the consumer in multiple ways, appealing not only to sight, but to touch as well;
  • A cost-efficient solution – the embossing process is quick and cheap for large and small label orders as well; a good Colorado label company will offer embossing services;
  • Endless design options – embossing works well with most other label printing techniques, so marketers and manufacturers don’t need to recreate their existing label design to accommodate the embossing process.