How To Catch A Customer’s Attention With Your Coupons

Peel and Reveal Coupon Labels

Coupons are part of the marketing of products and services, which can be used successfully for raising customer loyalty. Coupons are offered for discounts and increase the frequency of purchase (or visit).

The temporary discount consists of the distribution of coupons to potential buyers, on the basis of which they benefit from the reduction of the price, when buying a certain product. The coupon can also be offered to a customer depending on the size of the purchases made in a store – valid for subsequent purchases from the same point of sale (or chain of stores) and within the limit of the validity date. It is a technique practiced in all distribution systems; the discount must be attractive (about 15-30% of the product price).

Coupons can be distributed in several ways:

  • upon entering the store
  • through the packaging of the products that are the object of the promotional campaign; the coupon can be placed either backwards, in sight or inside the package. In this situation, the coupon will be obtained by consumers on the occasion of buying the product at the normal price, to be used on the occasion of the subsequent purchase of the same kind of product; you can also opt for peel and reveal labels to reveal coupons
  • by mailing them or placing them directly in the mailboxes
  • through the media (advertising ads inserted in newspapers or magazines, which will be cut and used by those interested)