How Peel and Reveal Labels Are Used in the Manufacturing Process

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Peel and reveal labels have been used for a long time in the pharmaceutical industry. The good news is they are now becoming popular for other sectors as well. These special peel back labels are unique due to their way of incorporating several different label layers into their design. This enables the inclusion of large amounts of information. As a result, they are ideal for products which have very specific requirements about the information that must be present on their labels.

Peel and reveal labels are perfect for products that are small in size, but are legally required to include certain specific data. For food products, peel and reveal labels can offer extra pages on which you can include nutritional data, recipes, allergen warnings, etc. Other products can also benefit from this kind of labeling, including toys, clothes, and so on.

In order to produce these labels, planning is essential. Moreover, there can be limitations regarding the range of colors available, or the size of the print. In order to obtain good quality labels, certain high-tech equipment is recommended. A properly finished, well imaged label can have a great impact on the success of your products.