How Instant Redeemable Coupons Can Help Your Business

Instant redeemable couponsThere is no secret that coupons are very trendy and people love them. This consumer`s society we live in creates “promotion sensitive” consumers, who actively chase for coupons and sales. And there is nothing wrong about trying to get a good deal, regardless your age and household income.

Statistics show that most people buy more than they have planned to and make most of their decisions in the store. In this context, instant redeemable coupons are a great way to attract these buyers. For producers, these coupons can provide a significant advantage over the competitors, especially that they can be designed to match most products.

Instant redeemable coupons are also known as IRCs and can be printed in various shapes and sizes.  They are typically adhesive, made to stick to the package, but have a tear-off section to be used for redemption. However, this is not the only configuration possible. Some IRCs have sections where customers can write personal information, while others are like mini-brochures, containing alerts about contests, promotions and special offers.

Regardless their shape, IRCs bring consumer savings at the point of sale. They require no changes to labels or packaging designs and no additional storage space.  Find out more at the following