Easy Ways to Make Your Product Label Look Expensive Without Paying for It

foil labels peel back

Many brands are exploring ways to make their products look unique, and some are producing specially edited labels to increase the purchasing desire in their loyal customers.

A qualitative design of peel back labels will allow you to stand out from the competition and you will be able to highlight the main advantages of your brand. Colors can attract or repel, annoy or disturb, soothe or provide a feeling of trust.

If you want to make your product label look expensive without paying for it, you will have to be smart about the design and the materials you use, because even the smallest details can send subliminal information about the quality of the product. The impact of colors, textures and shapes on the consumer’s ability to perceive a product is huge.

For example, you can opt for printing on metallic materials (silver or gold), which gives the labels a more luxurious aspect. Depending on the creative idea of ​​the designers, these materials allow to obtain metallic or matte effects in different areas of the label, using (or not) white ink. In some cases, the use of metallic materials can eliminate the need to use expensive technologies, such as hot or cold printing. Metallic foils are moisture resistant and are used for labels with high durability requirements.

Additionally, traditional serif fonts or strong headers also communicate the idea of ​​luxury and superior quality.