Common Product Label Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

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Product labels are not only mandatory – they are also important tools in the hands of marketers that can be efficiently used for attracting attention and for building customer loyalty. However, getting the label design right is not easy – here are the most common mistakes made by packaging designers and some ways to avoid them:

  • Illegible labels – the problem is caused by the employment of an unsuitable printing technology, by the wish to include too much information on a label that is too small or by the use of the wrong font. One of the best ways to avoid the problem is to create labels that include only information required by the law and adding a QR code that takes the customer to a page that displays all the other, relevant information related to the product;
  • Non-compliance with legal requirements – whatever your products, the contents of your labels are regulated by very clear and very strict laws. Pay special attention to these legal requirements when designing your labels – even the smallest mistake can be very costly;
  • Errors in the text – spelling and grammar errors are common in texts everywhere, but you should pay special attention to avoid them in the short texts that appear on your labels. Get your label wording checked by multiple people – it is the best way to ensure that your labels are free from such annoying, but easy to avoid errors.

When coming up with a product label for the first time consult with the professionals with Primeflex Labels in Denver to help eliminate those initial errors in design and content.