Work Place Safety Recommendations

Training on health and safety issues at work helps a company to have employees with more appropriate, safer behaviors at work. However, without a rigorous and profound radiography of how employees actually contribute to the safety culture, any training program, even the most extensive, has a limited impact.

Health & Safety Eco-Friendly

Focusing on a healthy and secure environment includes focusing on people, not just on systems, processes, or procedures.  It is our focus here at Primeflex where we provide eco-friendly custom packaging Denver businesses love and appreciate.

In this case, when we talk about people, we need to consider an evaluation of an employee`s personality, as well as a diagnosis of the organizational climate. How can we do this and what does it mean more concretely? There are professional diagnostic solutions that help organizations to assess exactly these two important aspects:

  • future and current employees, in terms of behaviors that can predict the tendency towards not following rules and procedures, taking unnecessary risks, reacting impulsively etc. (behaviors that increase the risk of incidents or accidents)
  • the organizational climate, from the perspective of the health and security component, synthesizing the perceptions about the company’s best practices in this regard.

These diagnostic solutions provide the management team with valuable information and advice on those behavioral issues that need to be addressed in operational teams, in order to minimize the risks of incidents and accidents.

Identifying individually those personality traits that can lead to risky behaviors at work can be a crucial step in the selection processes, in all professional environments.



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