Women in Packaging and Manufacturing (WIP&M)

Primeflex is proud to have one of our staff members serve as part of the leadership council for Women in Packaging and Manufacturing, WIP&M.

Primeflex believes in making the Colorado community stronger through community involvement projects. As part of that commitment, the Primeflex team is proud to have a staff member involved in the leadership council for the Women in Packaging and Manufacturing (WIP&M).

WIP&M is a network of women with proficiency in producing, packaging and marketing a product. Collectively, the Packaging team offers a wide range of partnered services, including custom machinery, strategic planning, branding, package design, carton printing, set up boxes, label printing, marketing, photography, advertising and public relations. WIP&M strives to be a competent and complete solution to the Manufacturers in the group who gain knowledge and invaluable resources by sharing experiences with each other and utilizing combined expertise.
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