Why You Should Consider Flexible Packaging for your CBD or THC Edible Products

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The great advantage of flexible packaging is the ability to extend the shelf life of many products by maintaining the ideal temperature, the right humidity and oxygen.

To avoid damage to products, flexible packaging usually contains a barrier made of a material that blocks ultraviolet rays and protects against moisture, grease and contamination. Certain types of flexible packaging, such as polyolefin foil, are environmentally friendly and can be used for food packaging. This high quality material will ensure the packaging of the products without contaminating them, putting the health and safety of consumers first.

Some CBD or THC edible products can be successfully packed using smell-proof bags made of compound films and provided with a built-in zipper, which is important to maintain the freshness of the bags` contents over multiple uses. The marijuana packaging labels Colorado offers are the perfect choice for products that will not be finished in a single sitting.

Producers can size these bags according to various edible CBD/ THC products and create custom prints. They can also have custom-configured features, such as rounded corners, hang holes or various shapes. These non-flexible packages are smell-proof and can also be heat-sealed.

They are cost-effective and require only 5% of the storage space.