Why You Might Need Extended Labels On Your Products

piggyback label extended product information

When do you need product labels? When you’re a trader, obviously. A label is the basic elements of any product, in any field. By labeling a product, you can specify exactly what it contains, the characteristics it has, the price of the product, the warnings/ special recommendations, the manufacturer brand and so on. Labels are also used for promotional campaigns. They are very important because they help consumers to make the right and best decisions for them, in relation to the products they buy.

In some cases, a simple label proves to be insufficient for all the information the manufacturer wants to communicate. In this case, an extended piggyback label is used, which provide more space for creativity, information and promotions. They can be of several types:

  • Booklet-type labels– they present the product information clearly and conveniently.
  • Leporello type labels (fan-folded) – they carry out a lot of space for attractive promotions, information or entertainment.
  • Multi-layer labels – they are ideal for instructions of using the product, written in different languages

Extended labels with multiple pages or layers provide excellent space for:

  • Multilingual product information
  • Legal warnings about dangers
  • Attractive promotional campaigns
  • Creative labeling for optimal effect at the point of sale
  • Promotion inserts directly on the product