Why Submitting Print Ready Artwork Saves Time and Money

save time and money custom label printer

When you want to get a pamphlet, a sign or a label ready for your marketing plan, you might have the idea of just explaining what you want to the printing service representatives, so they can then provide you with the graphics along with the printing service itself. While this seems like the best course of action, since you don’t actually have to do much, a lot of experts will tell you that it’s actually better to submit print ready artwork in order to save some time.


Here is how it works:


  1. You start by coming up with an idea for your artwork and either using your own design app to create a rough version of it or hire an artist to produce it for you.
  2. Then you give the print ready artwork to the printing service, and you get your marketing product or label ready to use.
  3. You simply apply it to your strategy, and then you watch the popularity of your business skyrocket.


Although you have to use two services in most cases, this approach can actually be considered superior because the artist already knows how to tap into your vision, so there will be no going back and forth as you try to explain again and again what you want – as would happen with the custom label printer Denver area service you want to use. Then you can simply reuse the artwork again and again with small changes to the design that the printing company can easily make for you.