Why Should You Consider Peel and Reveal Labels for Your Products?

Why Peel Back Labels Work



Peel and reveal labels have been used for quite some time in a number of different industries. While they are helpful to ensure that each stage of the production process is accounted for and properly logged, their main advantages have to do with adding more space for your labels to document various types of vital information for customers to see. These might include nutritional details, allergen warnings, sample recipes and much more.


As you might already suspect, the food industry is one industry that can really benefit from peel back labels. Food labels require a great deal of information about the types of ingredients and nutritional compounds that the product might contain, as well as various technical details that might not fit on a regular label unless the font size is diminished quite a bit.


Peel and reveal labels can help keep font sizes large, so that buyers can see all the information clearly. At the same time, they minimize the required space by adding some of the information to the inner layers of the label. That way, less important information will be hidden for view and only available if people peel off the top layer to see it. The top layer on the other hand can outline only the most vital of details that your label will require to show.