Why Foil Enhanced Labels Are A Great Idea

Foil Peel Back Labels

Foil enhanced labels are great and make great peel back labels for products. Modern packaging solutions that can make your product stand out on any shelf, in any supermarket. Here are some of the major benefits of the solution:

  • Suitable for any product – whether your product is small or large, packaged in a box, a bottle or some other type of recipient, foil can be used for highlighting any component of the packaging design;
  • They can be added to your existing design – if you already have a label design that you have been using for a while, you can refresh it by adding foil to it. The small pieces of foil applied on key design elements will attract your customers’ attention to the foiled parts and they are easy to add to your existing labels;
  • They can be printed quickly, without high costs – digital printing is becoming cheaper by the day and it is also very accurate, so adding foil to your labels is quick and easy;
  • More design options – you have many great foil options at your disposal: you can use matte or glossy foil, transparent, colored, plain or textured pieces and they are all equally affordable, so the choice depends entirely on your tastes and your creativity.