Why Do Protein Powders Need Peel and Reveal Labels?

peel and reveal product label protein carbohydrates

Peel and reveal labels are more and more popular among manufacturers who create products that they want to promote along with their brands, but that also require extensive information to be printed on the label as well. Protein powders fall into this category, as the label needs to contain a significant amount of information on the formula, side effects, dosage, specific use and more.


Because the information you have to print is quite extensive, and there’s a limit to how small you can make the fonts and how much you can enlarge the actual label, the simplest and most practical solution is to print both sides, so that the top side can contain graphics, slogans and information related to your brand and company and used primarily to promote your product and brand, while the other side will have all the practical information that your clients will need to know. All they have to do is peel away the label and reveal the added information without any hassle.


Peel and reveal is a growing trend not just because of the convenience it offers companies and the greater freedom it provides when it comes to using their marketing to promote themselves better, but also because of the cleaner and more practical design that frequently appeals to customers just as much.