Why Coupon Printing Is Still Effective

Coupon LabelingAre there any printed coupons left in the internet age? Yes, they are and they will be around for a long time to come. If you want to add more ways to incentivize your clients, you should definitely consider printed coupons.  It’s good to note, that there are print shops that offer extended content labels to draw the attention of the customers as well.


Why Does Coupon Printing Still Get Results?


  1. It Is Convenient

Digital coupons are not always the answer. They are very inconvenient in areas with weak mobile internet signal or when the customer has nearly run out of mobile data. They will become frustrated after several failed attempts to redeem a coupon and will give up.


Printed coupons are no hassle at all, and are very convenient especially for busy supermarkets with long queues of shoppers.


  1. Not Everyone Is Online

The older generation is slower in adopting new technologies, like smartphones. Some of them have no internet access at all. The best way to reach this group of customers is the traditional way – with printed coupons.


  1. Good Traceability of the Effectiveness of Your Marketing Campaigns

Revenue attribution is more important than ever for large and small companies alike. You must know what works and what doesn’t in your marketing campaigns, so that you don’t waste money. Printed coupons can be easily tracked to each campaign the customers responded to. Thus, you can calculate an accurate ROI per campaign.