Why Are Custom QR Codes So Popular Today and How Should You Use Them?

scanner scanning QR code primeflex labeling

QR (Quick Response) codes have faded into obscurity for some time as the general opinion about them was that not many people knew what to actually do with them. However, in recent years many companies have started to use QR codes to an increasing extent and in more creative ways than one could even imagine.


The idea behind a QR code is that it can easily be used to connect online and offline products. If you have a website and you’re selling a physical product, it can help to use QR codes on your label to enable calls to action or set up contests and trigger various online events that your customers can participate in. This will not just lead to more sales but also increase your company’s reputation in general.


Custom QR codes are also popular because they can link certain electronic gadgets with digital products and computers. One of the most famous examples is the way in which smartwatch manufacturers use QR codes to connect devices to various apps and allow people to use QR codes to activate specific functions in that way.


As such, if you’re selling electronics you can really get creative and even create entirely new and engaging online platforms that will allow your customers to use a greater level of interactivity simply by accessing the QR code on your label with their phones.  Printing companies like one found here https://primeflex.com/ know all about label specifics and how to address them for your product.