Which Are the Most Hard-to-Do Labeling Options?

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While some labels are just pieces of paper or plastic with basic product information printed on them, others are far more elaborate. These are considered hard-to-do labels and often require custom label printing Denver area methods to get them prepared. The following are some of the main types of hard-to-do labeling options that you should know about:


  • Labels for flexible packaging are not always seen as “hard-to-do” labels, but some can definitely pose certain problems. For example, if the materials of the packaging and the label don’t match properly, the label can easily fall off. Special glues must be used, and the products might require peel and reveal labels to include all the necessary information.
  • Labels for frozen foods and products using special chemcials are also considered “hard-to-do” labels because they require special materials and they need to convey particular information and health warnings.
  • Labels for CBD and THC products are also difficult to prepare simply that they have to contain a lot of very specific information. They have to show the ingredients and contents of the product, issue health warnings and provide specific graphics and symbols to show buyers that the product contains cannabis extracts. Moreover, they also have to offer guidelines on keeping the product away from children.