When More Information Is Required on the Smaller Cannabis Label

Marijuana Packaging Informational Labels

Cannabis products are today legally sold in many states of the US, but their packaging and labels need to comply with very strict regulations regarding the contents to be displayed. Given that many cannabis products are small and most of them are not packaged in large pouches, boxes or bags, complying with all the labelling regulations can be quite challenging. Fortunately, modern labelling technologies can provide great solutions – here are some:

  • Product information on the labels as well as on the packaging – one way to make sure that all the required information is displayed in an easy to read manner is to put some information on the packaging and some on the labels;
  • The benefits of peel-off labels – peel-off labels have been developed to meet marijuana packaging Colorado requirements when the space for displaying the information is limited. These special labels can consist of up to five pages, placed one on top of the other and glued together with special, resistant and durable, but easy to take apart adhesive solutions.

The best way to make sure that your labels are suitable for applying on your product is to check all the applicable regulations and to start designing your labels in line with all those requirements.