What You Need to Know About the Dos and Don’ts of Non-Alcoholic Beer Labels

Do's and Don'ts label company labelling beer alcohol products

Non-alcoholic beer labels are somewhat of a mystery to manufacturers because they’re pretty tricky ro get right. One of the first things you need to consider is that non-alcoholic beer labels shouldn’t focus too much on the fact that the beer is non-alcoholic. It’s simply one of those things that you put up as an important information, but not something you need to focus on intently as part of your marketing campaign. Focus instead on your brand’s colors, vision and message and on conveying the fact that you cater to the needs of all beer lovers.


Non-alcoholic beer buyers will often be more interested in the actual flavor and not the idea of getting drunk from drinking beer. This is an especially important factor to take into account when crafting your labels. Make sure you use graphics and stories that will convey the message that your non-alcoholic beer is the tastiest one on the shelf


Finally, make sure you use a “clean” design by https://primeflex.com/. Rather than focusing on striking graphics and a glossy finish for your label, organize all the information and create a clearer design with well-defined shapes and a focus on harmony rather than chaotic images. Most buyers of non-alcoholic drinks are not impulse buyers, so they will definitely thank you for toning down the labels’ appearance.