What Type Of Images Work Best On Product Labels?

Extended Content Best Images For Labels

Labeling means the positioning of indications, trademarks or trade names, images or signs that refer to a product on any packaging, document, advertisement or label that accompany or refer to that product.

We can say with certainty that the packaging has the function of selling. The big brands have specially integrated departments, with the purpose of studying the elements that attracting attention and influence the decision to buy a certain product instead of another.

It is important that the packaging and the label are created in full accordance with the design elements of the company, in order to have continuity between your promotional activities. Do not hesitate to test the packaging through a focus group, before reproducing them on a large scale.

There is information that must be included on the product labels because it is required by legal regulations, but there is also optional content. Images generally belong to this second category, which does not mean that they are not effective, on the contrary. They are simply not suitable, nor necessary for any type of products.

Images used on the labels can make products more attractive, or show, concretely, what is inside the package. Labels and packaging are meant to give the consumer a sense of security, and the existence of suggestive images on the label certainly does that.  You can also include extended content labels for more description of your product.

Note, however, in the case of food products for example, it is forbidden to use pictures of fruits, vegetables, etc., if they are not used in the composition of the food.