What to Keep in Mind When Labeling Frozen Food

Frozen product printing labels special adhesive

As they buy frozen foods, people need to make sure that what they purchase is a regulated product that has all the right ingredients and provides the correct nutritional value for the food in question. As such, the label of the frozen food you sell will have to be informative, resilient and easy to read:


  • When you label frozen foods,you have to ensure that you will include a list of essential information as required by the FDA. You will have to add the name or description of the product, its weight, the nutritional facts label, a list of ingredients, and the name and address of your company.
  • One of the most important details to consider about frozen foods is that their labels have to withstand a wide range of temperatures. Some foods might be frozen at temperatures well below zero, so you have to make sure that the label stays on and is not negatively impacted by freezing temperatures or by fast temperature changes.
  • When they thaw out, frozen food products can be affected by water, if the label and packaging isn’t top notch. You’ll have to make sure you select the right glue and material for printing, so that your labels will stay on even in such cases, instead of falling off or becoming unreadable.  It’s best to seek the help of an experienced label printing company like https://primeflex.com/ that has knowledge in the different needs of product labels for frozen food and other markets.