What Should a Frozen Food Label Really Look Like?

frozed food product packaging design label printing needs

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has very strict regulations regarding what food labels and also frozen foods must include. In the case of hard-to-do labeling such frozen foods the ink needs to be able to resist very low temperatures. The packaging should also be made of freeze-grade materials.

The most convenient labels are made of paper, but paper does not work well for freezing temperatures. Ink can fade really quickly, and frozen parts can damage the label, making it impossible to read.

The main purpose of freezing a food product is to prolong its life. Frozen foods need to go through several different thermal rigors during transportation, warehouse, stacking, etc. In this respect, packaging needs to be able to maintain a good state for as long as possible in order to complement frozen foods.

Each frozen food item has to include information regarding the ingredients, its shelf life, the name of the producer, and all the data which may be helpful for consumers to make informed food choices. This information needs to educate, promote a brand, and also include other essential data such as instructions about storage temperature and locations.  When producing a label for your packaging getting the custom label printing Denver company to design the label is reommended, and preferably a company that has experience in label content and materials.