What Labels Should You Use on Frozen Products?

Frozen Product Custom Label Printer Special Requirements


Labels used on frozen products look like normal labels. The design, the printing procedures – all this is done the same as in the case of ordinary labels. However, the things you need to pay more attention to include the materials and the adhesives used in the process.

Whether we are talking about frozen food, or pharmaceutical, cosmetic, etc. products that must be kept in special conditions, they all need durable packaging, accompanied by quality, waterproof labels, designed specifically for plastic bags and other containers for storage in freezers with very low temperature and for transport on dry ice.

First of all, the materials from which these labels are made are special. In general, we are talking about durable thermoplastic films, which can withstand conditions of high humidity and low temperatures.

The adhesives you are going to use must also be special for bonding on frozen wet surfaces. They are known as deepfreeze adhesives.

If you ignore these requirements, the label will peel off, and its aspect will deteriorate very fast.

That is why, before making a label purchase for your products, you should consult with a custom label printer Denver specialist, who are the best able to offer you all those details you need so that your labels remain intact during the storage in the freezer of your products.