What Labels Are Required by the FDA?

Product Specific Label GuidelinesThe Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is the authority responsible for checking and making sure that the food products and drugs sold in the US are safe and that the labels used on these products contain all the information that the buyer can possibly need to be able to make an informed decision about whether or not to use the product and to be able to use the product correctly. Here are some of the most important informative label elements required by the FDA:

  • The name of the product;
  • The net quantity or the amount of product contained in the package;
  • The list of ingredients, including colorants, preservatives, possible allergens;
  • Nutrition facts, including the calories, minerals, trace elements, vitamins and other components and information related to the recommended daily values for children and adults;
  • The claims made by the product, such as health effects;
  • Recommended methods of usage, such as specific usage instructions.

To make sure that your product labels respect all the legal requirements, consult the FDA’s guidelines before you start to design your flexible packaging product labels – failing to comply with all the requirements can entail charges and it can lead to dangerous situations for our buyers.