What Is Sample Packet Printing?

Examples Sample Packets


If you want to prepare a lot of labels for your new products but you’re not sure if you can depend on the custom label printing services you find, one of your best options is to hire a service that does sample packet printing.


The sample packets included as part of these services will be based on your own vision and on the graphics, artistic, editing and printing skills of the custom label manufacturer. They will typically include “prototype” labels that you can view and evaluate before purchasing a larger batch.


Sample packs are often provided for free or for a small price to showcase the quality of the printing service and let manufacturers know what they can expect. Based on what you see, you can decide on whether or not to entrust that particular custom label printing service with the rest of your labels or packaging. That way, if there is a problem, you can discuss it with the printing manufacturer, so it will be rectified before you order a larger number of labels.


The best custom label manufacturers offering sample packet printing will provide you with relevant samples that can show you exactly what you can expect, whether you’re selling electronics, labeling food products or having to prepare carefully crafted CBD labels that are based on special guidelines according to the legislation of your home state.