What Is Flexographic Printing?

2 sided label printedFlexographic printing, also known as flexography or simply flexo, is a printing technology used primarily for product labels. The method is different from digital printing in terms of the technology used for transferring the ink onto the material of the label – flexo uses large, flexible printing plates fixed on rotating cylinders to press ink into the deeper layers of the sheet, while digital printing deposits the ink on the surface of the sheet, without pressing the print deeply into the material.

Flexographic printing offers numerous benefits to companies – here are some:

  • Production speed – the inks used during the printing process dry very quickly and the production line can integrate not only the printing presses, but the machines used for laminating, cutting and foiling as well. There are label companies that offer a variety of custom packaging Denver businesses incorporating for their products.
  • Durability – the technology uses special, durable and resistant inks that make it suitable for producing labels to be used outdoors and it is the go-to solutions for products that spend a long time on the shelf.
  • Precision – flexo printing can accurately execute any design with the highest possible color precision and shape fidelity.
  • Affordability and fast turnaround – flexo is a cost-efficient technology, especially for large orders and production times are also very short.