What Is Digital Printing?

WrapperDigital printing is the printing technology that transfers digital images directly onto the desired media. It can be used for creating prints of almost any size and on a wide range of substrates, including paper, plastic, ceramic, canvas and a large variety of fabrics.

The process of digital printing starts with checking and preparing the digital material to be used for the print, then the image is transferred onto the carrying media in one go – a major difference compared to other, more traditional printing methods that use a separate printing plate for each printing phase. The printing itself is done by laser or inkjet printers that are suitable for depositing pigments not only on paper or cardboard, but also on various other materials, including canvas, textile, plastic, ceramic, glass, metal, even marble. The technology is suitable for creating sharp, clear, detailed prints of any size, very large as well as very small and it allows you to order any quantity that you need – small orders can be fulfilled just as efficiently as large ones and the digital-based source materials can be stored easily on a computer.

The above features make digital printing the fastest, easiest and most affordable printing technologies available today, suitable not only for the budgets of large companies, but for small businesses like Primeflex Labels Inc.