What is a Shrink Sleeve Label?

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Shrink sleeve labels are growing ever more popular these days, and can be used on bottles, cans, containers, etc. These are, in fact, 360 degree printed labels which can use heat in the process of application. The labels are actually printed on polyester or plastic materials and are applied to plastic bottles or aluminum cans.


Shrink sleeve labels can offer you an impressive increase in real estate of label industry, as compared to labels which are pressure sensitive, and are offered by any of the custom label printer Denver shops.


Shrink sleeve labels are very good for branding. These types of labels are able to fit into forms. You can package several differently shaped and sized containers.


Like normal labels, shrink sleeves offer product and branding information. As compared to stick labels, they take the form of sleeves. They can be printed on digital presses or flexographic ones. After they are printed, the label sheets need to be turned into sleeves.


The shrink sleeve is actually made after the exact shape of the container, including every curve, special shape, etc.


After being applied to containers, the sleeves are sent through a steam tunnel. There, the intensive heat can shrink the film around the can or container. Because the film is made to react to heat, it is very important not to get excessively hot or cold before the procedure is put into action.