What Essential Information Do You Have to Include on CBD Labels?

First Things First Label Production Details CBD


Although buying CBD products and cannabis has never been easier or more unrestricted, there are still a lot of restrictions involved even in states where recreational marijuana is legal. Following are a few of the most essential of these regulations pertaining to the creation of CBD product labels:


  • The most important information to include as part of your CBD label should be the amount of active CBD per serving. This will tell buyers how much they can use for any given purpose that they are buying your CBD products for.
  • The weight and the ingredients of the formula should also be included. For this purpose, make sure you add an accurate supplement fact panel.
  • Another essential fact that is typically required for all CBD products is the mention of whether the product is either an isolate, broad spectrum or full spectrum.
  • A batch or date code should be added along with the intended use of the product.
  • Finally, make sure you add the name of the manufacturer or supplier.


Although these items don’t necessarily represent the full list of requirements when it comes to labeling CBD products, they at least touch upon the most important basics. To find out precisely what the requirements for CBD labels are in your state, visit the FDA official website or the Department of Public Health website associated with the state in question.  For some of the best in label production look at https://primeflex.com/unique-solutions/cannabis-labels/.