What Do You Need to Know About Hemp Labels for Medical Marijuana?

Cannabis Labels Colorful Informational

Medical marijuana is known for its ability to trigger the body’s natural healing processes and alleviate pain better than most painkillers and with no side effects. However, as even medical marijuana is still illegal in many parts of the country – and even where it’s legal, it’s also highly controlled – you will be required by law to include certain information in accordance with the law applied in your state.


State and federal regulations associated with packaging and labeling hemp products sold in certain states will differ according to what the law requires you to add to the label and how it requires you to package the product. Even though changes made to the law in 2014 and 2018 have led to hemp products no longer being defined as “marijuana” under the Controlled Substance Act, these changes did not apply to the already existing packaging and labeling rules associated with these products.


As the rules are typically unique to each state, before you consider selling hemp products, it is very essential that you consult the law in your own state – as well as any other state where you might want to sell them – to make sure that all the information required by cannabis labels Colorado regulations will be included on your labels. Failure to comply can have serious legal ramifications for you and your business.