What Do the Wine Labels Say about Your Wine?

Eye Catching Wine BottlesWine is a tricky and sensitive product when it comes to reaching out to your customer base – the right style and design of the label is often the single source of information for the customer, so the Colorado custom label printing company will tell you the label can make or break your wine marketing efforts. Here are a few things that can be communicated through the labels that you use on your wine bottles:

  • Brand identity – your wine labels will first of all tell your customers how well you know your brand. The label for a wine that comes from a traditional, old French vineyard should look completely different from a label used by a young company whose products are targeted towards the younger generations of professionals;
  • The feeling experienced while savoring the wine in the bottle – the artwork and the colors used on wine labels are usually indicative of the feelings experienced while consuming the product. A label for a fruity, refreshing wine needs to use fresh, pastel colors, maybe some bold shapes, while a full-bodied red or a dessert wine needs to indicate the heaviness of the wine with dark colors and metallic hues, such as gold;
  • Knowledge of your target group – a well-designed label talks to the customer and invites him or her to taste the wine because it speaks the language of the target group.