What Do the Best Product Label Designs for E-Commerce Look Like?

Best label design products

When selling products on a shelf, you have to keep in mind factors such as the lighting, the contrast with surrounding products from other brands and the fact that it will be more likely to catch people’s eyes if they see it standing out from the background, rather than if it just looks imposing as a standalone product. That is why the label for selling products in a physical store has to be designed with different factors in mind than the one meant for online selling.  For a quality label look for a product label company near me to save time and effort getting to design meetings.


E-Commerce changes the playing field in these terms, since products are typically displayed in large, easy to see photographs next to a description and on a clear background. That highlights the label and doesn’t really give any kind of room for error, as people browsing through your products will be able to see every little detail up close.


Labels for e-Commerce will therefore require  significant attention to detail. They have to be crafted to look fashionable and appealing without leaning against the background of a store, and they have to send a clear, emotional message that visitors to your website can get in less than a second.


Such labels should have a generally high contrast appearance that sends a bold and clear message along with the graphics, cartoons, pictures and slogans depicted on them. You won’t generally have to focus too much on the writing being highly visible, since you can also include every information in the description, so in general, the focus should be primarily on the graphics.