What Are the Things Customers Learn About Your Business Due to Your Packaging?


Let’s say you order something online from a company you never heard of before. When the package arrives, you realize that it was put together in a rush, the paper used to wrap it looks old or very cheap, and the box itself looks flimsy. Moreover, the only label you see is a small, printed, black and white piece of paper that gives you the name of the company and the contact information. What do you gather from all that?


When faced with such a package, most people would instantly ask themselves, “have I made a mistake buying this product from that supplier?” The question is relevant, and even if the product is in perfect condition, most reviewers will rate their experience below 5-stars, if asked to review the product.


This psychological aftermath of careless packaging is the least of your worries. Imagine if the product actually broke or became damaged somehow. The buyer will instantly blame you for not making sure that your packaging is good enough and for using cheap packaging supplies.  Although packaging is important, some products are in demand and don’t require the packaging to be durable.  The marijuana labels Colorado printers produce are the type that don’t require you to go all out on the packaging.


In contrast, if you take care to create a proper, colorful and informative package label, and to include a sturdy box, carefully wrapped in high quality packaging paper, and featuring materials that protect fragile products, the customer might end up giving you a 5-star rating, even after you are forced to replace a product that got damaged during transit. And we don’t have to tell you what 5-star ratings from loyal customers can do for your business!