What Are The Most Common Colors In Product Labels?

Popular Marijuana Labels Color


A product label contains all the information that accompanies that product, but besides this informational function, it also has a persuasive role.

In the last years, the demands of customers in the retail industry revealed an increased preference for black color and stronger contrasts, a minimalist design and stylized images, so that the product is more visible on the shelf and can easily differentiate from other similar products.  This pertains to the new marijuana labels Colorado shops incorporate for their products.

As for the colors that are most commonly used in product labels, they are influenced by the industries the products come from. As such, labels for sausages typically contain color red, labels for dairy products are blue and white, labels for eco- products are green, labels for bakery products are yellow, labels for food supplements are typically metallic or fluorescent, while those for pharmaceutical products depend mostly on their active substances. Labels for cosmetics products, detergents or home care products have pastel and light colors, sometimes combined with bright colors, to add some contrast.

The wine industry is one of the most creative when it comes to labels. It uses a wide range of materials (paper, foil, organic materials), with different textures. Some labels are designed to look noble by adding spectacular effects, such as lacquering, volumetry, 3D embossing, folio etc.