What Are the Consequences of Not Getting Your Cannabis Labels Done Properly?

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Failing to use labels that meet legal requirements regarding both contents and form can have severe consequences whatever the product in question, the consequences being even more severe in the case of cannabis products. Cannabis having been on the list of controlled substances just a couple of decades ago and with cannabis products being still banned or sold only among strictly controlled circumstances, failing to use labels that meet all the legal requirements applicable in the state where the product will be sold can have dire consequences – here are some:

  • Being made to pay a fine – if the authorities that check your product labels find non-compliant elements or they consider that your labels are non-complying entirely, they might give you a fine. Depending on the gravity of the non-compliance, define can be small or very large.
  • Product withdrawal – in the case of very severe non-compliance, the authorities might require you to withdraw your products from the market. They might give you a deadline for the withdrawal, but what happens more often is that you are required to withdraw your products right away.
  • Expect visits in the future – if your marijuana labels Colorado companies design have been found to be either complying or non complying, you can expect further visits after you have corrected the errors on your labels to check the legal compliance of your packaging.