What Are the Best Colors You Can Use for Product Packaging?

When it comes to packaging colors, there are a lot of details to take into account. However, when seeking to choose the right design for your packaging, the following tips will usually stand as the best:


  1. Consider colors that are either complementary or similar to the color of your product. People will begin associating the two, so you’ll find it a lot easier to sell your products that way.  Take for instance, the popular marijuana labels Colorado printers design, they usually designed to have green in their label.
  2. You can also choose color combinations that stand out, and in most cases – though, not always – this course of action will be encouraged. A product that needs to stand out on the shelf will benefit more if its label and packaging is light green, red or pink, than if you just use a shade of gray, tan or navy.
  3. Consider who your product is for. If it’s for women, go for warmer and brighter colors as well as color combinations that girls typically enjoy, such as pink and light blue. If it’s for men or unisex, then a bland or cool color might suit it best, although the pattern and overall color combination should still be chosen so that the product stands out.
  4. Check out the competition and what colors they use. Sometimes you’ll find that almost everyone uses a certain color for competing products. Under the circumstances, it might make sense to be bold and use a different color for your packaging, just to create something new and have it stand out.