What Are Piggyback Labels, and Why Would You Need Them?

 Printing Company Piggyback Labels

When you run a business that deals with the manufacturing and selling of certain products, it’s important to get your labeling right and to use the right labels in your logistics department. One loose end when it comes to providing warranty labels to your clients can have pretty dire consequences especially when it comes to your reputation as a business.


Piggyback labels can be very practical in helping your business solve the labeling problem. They are essentially labels that are printed atop another adhesive label and can be pulled off to stick to another surface. In corporate organizations, they are particularly useful when trying to determine the exact trail that a certain document went through as it passed through various stages of a process.


Piggyback labels are also quite often the right answer when it comes to electronics, electric appliances or just about anything you can sell that might have a warranty. While manufacturing and labeling the product, you can apply piggyback labels to them as warranty labels in order to establish the warranty on purchased products.


Finally, your logistics department can benefit a great deal from piggyback labels. They can be used in anything from shipping receipts to complex logistics paperwork, as well as hand deliveries and payment receipts.  Be sure to enlist the services of a really good printing company such as https://primeflex.com/.