What Are Peel And Reveal Labels?

Peel and reveal labels informative product information

Labels with two layers have a top layer that can be detached to reveal more information written on another layer below. They are also known as peel-and-reveal labels, or multilayer labels.

These are self-adhesive, having two or more layers superimposed on one another, the base layer being the one that has permanent adhesion to the surface of the product, while the upper ones can be easily peeled off. The advantage is that such a label consumes little space and can include a lot of information and even more than that. The “hidden” message below can also be a marketing strategy that attracts the attention of customers.

Peel and reveal labels are often used by educational institutions, survey research institutes, university researches, for lucky earnings coupons, study programs, important product information for the end user, product codes etc. Advertisers also find them great as coupons or for free offers. Scientific and industrial applications include chemical boxes, in which double-layered stickers reveal important safety instructions.

These labels are printable by heat transfer and can have different designs. It is not required that all layers are identical; designers can play with different ideas and come up with original peel and reveal labels.