What Are Peel and Reveal Labels and How You Can Use Them?

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Peel and reveal labels are popular labeling solutions for many marketers from a variety of industries who prefer these options to other, more simple labor times due to the versatility and playfulness offered. Peel and reveal labels are practically labels consisting of multiple sheets glued together lightly and with each sheet offering a different set of information related to the product and the manufacturer. The light gluing ensures that each sheet can be easily removed by the customer, the process adding an element of excitement and fun to the process of finding out about the product in hand. Here are some piggyback label tips about how to use peel and reveal labels on your products too:

  • Make it all fun to read – formulating the information displayed on your labels in a way that makes the customer want to move on to the next sheet is a great way to raise interest for your product.
  • Make references to your promotions on the first page and provide accurate information about them on the 3rd – that way you will be able to keep up your customers interest and you will make them want to read on.
  • Determine the best size – if you try to cram lots of information into one page, chances are that you will have to use very, very small print that will hinder readability. To make text distribution as easy as possible, try to figure out how you can maximize the space used by your labels and how to distribute your text in a logical and intriguing manner.